Five years after his daughter was involved in a video cocaine scandal, Vice President Joe Biden is battling a new family drug agony.

His son Hunter, 44, tested positive for cocaine and was discharged from the Navy Reserve, it was reported Oct. 17.

Hunter, a married dad-of-three, admitted that he regretted his actions, saying, “With the love of my family, I’m moving forward.”

He was one of three children born to Biden’s first wife Neilia, who died in a car accident in 1972.

A D.C. insider told The National 
ENQUIRER, “Joe’s deeply distraught about Hunter. The family has known about this since June 2013.

“But it is agonizing for Joe because another one of his kids is going through drug problems.

“Only five years ago, he was dealing with Ashley’s issues.”

Ashley is Biden’s daughter from his marriage to wife Jill.

In 2009, the then 27-year-old social worker was caught in a shocking drug scandal. In 2009, The National ENQUIRER reported a videotape had surfaced of a woman closely resembling Ashley about to snort cocaine through a rolled-up dollar bill. But the spy camera failed to record her inhaling on the tape.

We also reported the cameraman produced a second video that captured evidence of Ashley allegedly snorting several lines of cocaine. A tape was shopped to media outlets, but was never seen publicly.

Ashley had previously been arrested for marijuana possession in 1999, while a student at Tulane University in New Orleans.“Joe is vehemently opposed to drugs – that’s why it has hurt him so much,” the insider 

“But he’s hoping Hunter will learn his lesson like Ashley did.”