Acid-tongued Joan Rivers unloaded on her “Fashion Police” writers – when all they wanted was a raise, says a source.

The 80-year-old comic –who’s worth a reported $150 million – exploded when the scribes asked for her help in getting a pay boost, say sources.

“Fashion Police” is a top-rated show on the E! Network, but its joke-writing crew got fed up earning what they claim were low wages for long hours and a growing workload.

They met with Joan at The Pacific Palisades home of her daughter Melissa Rivers, an executive producer on the show last year and asked the comedy legend to plead their case with E! executives.

That’s when all hell broke loose.

“She (Joan) just blew up on us, cussing and screaming,” Todd Masterson, a “Fashion Police” writer, told a reporter.

“She pounded her fists on the table. She threw a binder on the ground. She stormed out of the room and stormed back in the room.”

Then, Masterson said, Joan remarked that if the group joined the Writers guild: “We could only keep a few of you. Don’t make me choose!”

Her ugly outburst stunned everyone, said the source.

It looked like Joan only cared about two things – herself and money.”