Jo Wood: Ronnie Wood and I Saw a UFO!

“I thought, ‘What’s he up to?! He’s mad!’”

Jo Wood Ex Wife Ronnie Wood Saw UFOs
Getty Images; This Morning/ITV

She believes the truth is out there! Jo Wood, who was married to Rolling Stones’ Ronnie Wood for 24 years, revealed during an appearance on This Morning on April 29 that the former couple once spotted a UFO together while in Brazil on vacation.

“We were on a family holiday and we were packing to go back,” the 64-year-old model explained to hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield. “He was out in the garden by this house on the beach, and he said, ‘Jo! Quick! There’s some weird lights out here! Come and see this!’”

The TV personality said she didn’t know what he was going on about at first. “I thought, ‘Oh, what’s he up to?! He’s mad!’” she exclaimed. But then she saw.

“I went outside and there, over the sea, was this shape which had lights that just came down that reflected onto the sea,” she recalled. “I stood there and watched it, and it just lifted up! And it went to the right, and then it went ‘wheeeeew!’ And it was gone like nothing I’d ever seen! … I thought, ‘I’ve just seen a UFO.’”

Her suspicions were confirmed the following day: “We got onto the plane to go home, and it was on the front of the paper! Hundreds of people had seen the same thing.”

But that wasn’t her only encounter with UFOs. Back when her son Tyrone, whom she shares with the guitarist, was 12, Jo and the preteen spotted an alien object while flying. “He was sat in the seat behind me and we were both looking out of the window, and this weird orb — this blue-y green thing — came straight up to the plane and went along the plane,” she said. “Ty went, ‘Mum, did you see that?’ And I went, ‘What the hell was that?!’ It was very strange.”

Jo, who was promoting her new podcast Alien Nation, also explained how she became interested in unidentified flying objects to begin with. “It all started with my dad, actually,” she said. “He was reading a magazine that said, ‘Was God an Astronaut?’ I was a Catholic girl and I thought it was fascinating. I wondered, ‘Why do they have that halo? Could it be a space helmet?’”

“I’m fascinated about the universe, about space, the fact that we are on this rock in our universe and there’s billions of stars out there, and for us to think that we are the only ones, it can’t possibly be true,” she shared. “I think you have to be open-minded. Even if you don’t believe, you have to be open-minded enough to think that surely we can’t be the only ones out of billions.”