JENNIFER LOPEZ and estranged husband MARC ANTHONY are battling over whether their 4-year-old twins should follow their foot­steps into showbiz, sources say.

“Jennifer is hell-bent on becom­ing a ‘mom-ager’ to little Max and his sister Emme,” revealed an in­sider.

“But Marc is insisting they go to school like normal kids, and then when they’re 18, they can decide what they want to do with their lives.”

Back in 2010, singer/actress Jen­nifer, 43, negotiated a lavish print ad­vertising campaign featuring the twins for luxury designer Gucci’s children’s collection.

Now her young lover Casper Smart, 25, is pushing J.Lo to capi­talize on the kids’ camera-ready cuteness, and 44-year-old salsa king Marc “is seething,” the source added.

“When Jennifer let slip that  it was Casper’s idea to enroll Emme in dance classes and send her out on auditions for commercials, Marc barked, ‘Over my dead body!’

“He thinks Casper is shilling Max and Emme with the hope of taking a co-management fee.”

But J.Lo isn’t backing down.

“She told Marc that she’s perfect­ly capable of serving as the twins’ manager, and she can prevent any meltdowns on the order of Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan,” said the source.

“But Marc isn’t having it. He has dreams of his kids becoming rock­et scientists or teachers.”

While The ENQUIRER has re­ported that J.Lo was having second thoughts about their split, “with this latest spat, it looks as though there will be no reconciliation,” said the source. “Marc is going full-speed ahead with the divorce.”