Jimmy Fallon’s Cocaine & Booze Hell!

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Jimmy Fallon is riding a deadly spiral of booze, cocaine and wild partying, The National ENQUIRER has uncovered in a blockbuster exclusive!

The “Tonight Show” star is “cracking under the pressure” of working 12-hour days — and he’s turning to his favorite vices as an escape, sources claimed.

Fed up with his out-of-control behavior, wife Nancy Juvonen booted the 41-year-old bad boy out of their luxurious Manhattan home earlier this month, according to an insider, forcing him to move into a nearby hotel.

Since signing a $72 million, six-year contract extension that runs through 2021, Jimmy has been feeling “a tremendous amount of pressure,” a television informant divulged.

“He did coke pretty regularly during ‘SNL,’ but backed off when he got the Weekend Update anchor chair.” 

But all that changed after he began his high-profile gig on NBC’s “The Tonight Show” in February 2014, the source said.

“Jimmy started doing coke regularly about two months into the show because he was so exhausted,” the insider added.

“I’ve walked in on him in the restroom at parties and stuff a few times. Or when he’s invited a few of us out.

“He’ll have a couple drinks, and then do a shot or two, then do some coke as a pick-me-up. 

“He doesn’t try to hide it. He shares with some friends, and a couple of other writers.”

Speaking exclusively to The ENQUIRER, another eyewitness disclosed seeing Jimmy disappear into a bathroom and emerge “all jacked up” on coke.

Jimmy also asked another insider whether he had any “blow” — cocaine — at an Academy Awards party in Hollywood several years ago. Trawling the event for drugs, he pleaded with actress Kirsten Dunst for the drug — but she couldn’t service his needs.

Of more concern, however, is Jimmy’s fondness for alcohol.

Insiders described him as an outrageous drinker who hangs out with a group of four or five “handlers” who keep an eye on him, but are powerless to intervene when he’s pounding down bottle after bottle.

“Jimmy’s usually low-key, but he gets louder when he drinks,” a source said. “Once he feels the buzz, he does shot after shot of whiskey, and chases them with beer.

“I realized he had a drinking problem when he kept ordering shots even though he was slurring his words and was unsteady on his feet. I could tell his handlers were concerned, but they basically let him do what he wanted.”

In a behind-the-scenes probe, a correspondent from The ENQUIRER observed Jimmy leaving Rockefeller Center, where he tapes “The Tonight Show,” in his chauffeur-driven black BMW just before 11 p.m. on Nov. 3. 

His driver dropped him off at the Gramercy Park Hotel — near the apartment he shares with Nancy, 48, and their two daughters, Winnie, 2, and 11-month-old Frances.

Patrons of the hotel saw Jimmy enter its exclusive Rose Bar through a heavily draped entrance guarded by a bouncer.

Inside, Jimmy unwound amid the Rose Bar’s plush wood and velvet furnishings, 20-foot ceiling, pool table and well-stocked bar.

The following night, he left Rockefeller Center around 8:50 p.m. and repeated the trip to the same hotel. 

But this time, The ENQUIRER spotted him getting out of the BMW, carrying a piece of luggage and hustling self-consciously into the hotel lobby! Jimmy’s rep insisted to The ENQUIRER he’s staying at the hotel only because his house is being renovated.

Concerns arose over the funnyman’s extracurricular habits after a string of bizarre accidents, including one that almost cost him a finger!

The June incident started with Jimmy at New York City’s Scalinatella restaurant, where he was seen drinking wine and posing for photos with fans. 

Later, Jimmy claimed he tripped on a rug in his apartment, and nearly severed his left ring finger when his wedding ring caught on a table corner. 

He needed surgery to save the finger — and spent 10 days in intensive care!

But an insider put a boozy spin on the episode.

Jimmy actually got “falling-down drunk” after eating dinner at the restaurant, said the source, where he partied until 3 a.m. 

“He didn’t trip over any object except his own two feet,” the source said.

Just eight weeks later, Jimmy chipped a front tooth while trying to open a container of scar tissue repair gel for his damaged finger. “Best summer ever,” he later quipped on social media.

Then, on Oct. 24, the wild man tripped during a party in his honor at Harvard University, dropped a bottle of Jägermeister he was holding, and cut his hand while trying to catch his fall.

“He was definitely drunk,” said an eyewitness. “He immediately started yelling, ‘More Jäger! More Jäger!’ Eventually, someone brought him more Jäger.”

“He just can’t accept where he is right now. He’s an addict,” charged Dr. Gilda Carle, a psychotherapist who has not treated Jimmy.

“It’s one thing to kick off steam occasionally, but this is out-of-control and self-destructive behavior,” the leading expert added. “His life as it is now will end if they don’t step in and help him with rehab.” 

A spokesman for NBC told The ENQUIRER: “Jimmy Fallon is a highly valued member of the NBC family who is both a tireless worker and an extraordinarily gifted performer. His dedication in putting on a great show each and every night is unparalleled, and that is reflected in the large amount of viewers who tune in.”

But sources said NBC is frighteningly worried over the latest string of accidents and “rumors” about Jimmy’s troubling behavior, so much so that network brass held a series of crisis meetings on Nov. 3. 

Jimmy “made the rounds” at the meetings, assuring executives and coworkers he’s in “top shape” and apologizing for bringing “drama” to the show, a source said.

He also blamed his string of accidents on just being “wildly unlucky” in the past 12 months.

In January, he fueled more concern when “clearly inebriated,” he sang the Katy Perry song “Walking on Air” at a New York watering hole “while literally crawling on the bar.” 

He was also reportedly seen drinking heavily and “doing shots” at a summer benefit at a billionaire’s estate in the Hamptons.

But the debauchery runs deep. Back in 2008, an eyewitness bumped into a “scary-looking” Jimmy at Manhattan’s Roseland Ballroom. “He was a mess, all gray and sweaty, stumbling around by himself,” said the spy. “He turned to me, and without saying hello or introducing himself, said he’d just taken a significant quantity of LSD!”

A network mole told The ENQUIRER NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt and “Tonight Show” executive producer Lorne Michaels have had “several very frank and honest conversations about Jimmy” — even debating whether to stage an intervention. An NBC insider disputed there had been any meeting between Robert and Lorne or that staff was instructed not to talk about Jimmy’s drinking.

But even more disturbing, since summer break, staffers have noticed when Jimmy arrives at work he “seems strung out or hung over,” said the source. 

Another insider has even claimed Jimmy has shown up for work “smelling of alcohol.”

While pals blame the stress of his nightly high-wire act for his boozing, another source said: “Jimmy’s been drinking way too much. The next step will be rehab to save his life!”