End Of Seclusion!

Jim Carrey: Bouncing Back As A Romeo — And A Grandpa!

6-year-old has him dating gals his own age!

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Jim Carrey has bounced back after the tragic death of his young on/off girlfriend, and started looking for love again!

The “Dumb & Dumber” funnyman, 54, had been holed up for months as he mourned 30-year-old stylist Cathriona White.

But according to pals, Jim’s been bonding with his beloved 6-year-old grandson, Jackson, who’s given him the oomph to get back into the dating game!

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“Little Jackson made Jim see he has a whole future ahead of him. Now, finding love again has become a priority,” dished a pal.

“During the past couple of months, Jim began to get out more.

“Jim’s even gotten the courage to start dating again. He’s having discreet dinners with women who are closer to his own age, and not interested in his celebrity status.”

The twice-divorced actor had dated Cathriona on and off since 2012 before she died of an apparent drug overdose last September.

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The “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective” star attended her funeral in Ireland, and then plunged into a dark depression, a source claimed.

“Everybody’s extremely worried about [Jim], who’s battled depression before,” a source told The National ENQUIRER last November.

“Overcome with sadness, Jim just stares out into the ocean for hours on end!”

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Those dark days are now behind him, said the source.

“Jim was becoming reclusive, not doing much more than painting in his studio and working out,” added the friend.

“But he’s definitely turned the corner! He wants a normal life.”