Last gasp of Camelot, Caroline Kennedy is furious over an upcoming TV mini-series that portrays her father, President John F. Kennedy, as a sex maniac, say insiders.

The eight-part History Channel series The Kennedys won’t air until 2011, but it’s already been slammed as a "cheap soap opera" by critics.

"It sounds to Caroline like a despicable hatchet job," a close pal of the 52-year-old former First Daughter told The ENQUIRER.

"She’s furious at her dad being turned into a slapstick-level sex maniac. But she knows publicly slamming The Kennedys will only draw attention to it. She’s hoping others will actively campaign against it."

Former Kennedy adviser Theodore "Ted" Sorensen has blasted the show’s script for containing factual errors, and filmmaker Robert Greenwald told The New York Times that The Kennedys is "sexist titillation and pandering… turning everything into a cheap soap opera."

While the series has yet to be filmed and the show’s producers have reportedly called the criticism "premature," Caroline is still upset about it, sources say.

"One scene has a Secret Service agent standing at poolside as the president is splashing around having sex with a young hottie," said another family friend.

"Another scene making Caroline wince is her father telling his brother Bobby that if he didn’t have sex with a new woman every few days, he’d get migraines.

"Neither event happened in real life, and Caroline just wishes people had more respect."

With her father’s reputation on the line, Caroline is mourning the loss of her feisty uncle Ted Kennedy even more, sources said.

"Battling against his big brother Jack being trashed in a show called The Kennedys would have been a righteous cause for Ted," adds the first pal.

"It’s not a public war of words Caroline wants to fight, but she’s really the only one left.

"She’s all that remains of Camelot."