More than a decade after the tragic death of JOHN F. KENNEDY Jr., his secret mistress is ripping the lid off their passionate love affair – and revealing for the first time how the Prince of Camelot cheated on his wife CAROLYN!

"John told me he was considering divorce and was seeing a marriage counselor," beautiful blonde SYBIL HILL, now 44, told The ENQUIRER in a bombshell world-exclusive interview.

"He said he felt guilty about what we had done. We both knew it was wrong, but we couldn’t help ourselves."

The love story between Sybil and the married son of President John F. Kennedy started in 1991 – and lasted until he perished in the July 16, 1999, plane crash that also killed his wife and her sister Lauren Bessette.

The ENQUIRER first identified Sybil as John’s secret lover in our Jan. 18, 2000, issue.
Then, Sybil – a single mom and successful artist in Aspen, Colo. – would only tell The ENQUIRER: "John was very unhappy in his marriage."

But now she confirms that she was the woman Kennedy secretly turned to for comfort as his marriage crumbled. And in an amazingly candid interview, Sybil tells The ENQUIRER how a chance meeting in Manhattan led to years of secret dates and sizzling sex.

"I met John Kennedy on Jan. 6, 1991, at the Moondance Diner on Sixth Avenue," she recalled.

"I walked in with a boyfriend when a gorgeous-looking man wearing a baseball cap pointed out a vacant table. I remember thinking, ‘He looks just like John Kennedy Jr.!’

"We were across the restaurant, but we couldn’t stop looking at each other.

"When my date went to the bathroom, I went up to him and we chatted. Before my date came back, John wrote something on a… piece of paper and handed it to me.

"He . . .  wrote ‘John’ and a phone number."

A week later, Sybil – a willowy look-alike for Kennedy’s wife – called him.

"We went out to dinner at a small restaurant where nobody bothered him," she recalled.

"Finally, John said, ‘You haven’t asked me my last name,’ and told me it was Kennedy.

" Remembering where his father had been shot, I said, ‘I’m from Dallas. Does that bother you?"

"He said it didn’t . . ."

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