It pays to be the boy-toy of an aging Madonna – just ask Jesus Luz.

The pretty play thing has been raking in the big bucks as a high end celeb DJ but RadarOnline.com reports not only can’t Jesus walk on water, the dude can’t spin vinyl either!

"Jesus can’t DJ.  He has absolutely no idea how to mix music and has absolutely no DJ skills at all. He totally fakes it," an insider told RadarOnline.com.

"Jesus plays pre-mixed CDs and just pretends as if he’s mixing. The crazy thing is that he doesn’t even have the up-to-date equipment!"

"A lot of people know he can’t really DJ, so his fee is then significantly reduced, to, like, $1000," the source continued. 

"Not everyone knows though, so the people who don’t know will pay him crazy amounts, like up to $10,000!"

It’s good to be consort to the Material Queen.