When it comes to Jessica Simpson‘s public image, mother knows best!

Jessica’s parents Joe and Tina squared off over whether to pull the plug on a sex-sational photo shoot of their shapely daughter. Mom won the battle.

“It shows who really wears the pants in the Simpson family,” a source told The ENQUIRER.

“Joe was all for the art director and photographer’s vision of Jessica appearing in a classic layout once done by Kate Moss years ago.

“It called for a very sultry, pouting Jessica to face the camera appearing in very tight short-shorts and bra. Standing behind her was a hunky shirtless model posed to look as if he were pulling on his pants. He wasn’t baring anything, but it was pretty damn suggestive.

“But just when the model started unbuttoning his pants for the photographer to begin snapping, Tina blurted out: ‘Time out! Hold it! Nope. This isn’t going to work.’

“Tina said the pose was too risque and made Jessica look slutty. Joe was perplexed. He saw the setup in advance and had no problem. But when he tried to persuade Tina to change her mind, she’d have none of it.

“Tina dug in her heels and said there was no way she’d allow Jess to appear in the layout the way it was designed.

“She told Joe: ‘I’m her mother. Trust me. This isn’t the image we want.’

“All Joe could do was shrug. After a few minutes the shot was reconfigured. The eventual layout still featured Jessica and the shirtless hunk. But this time his pants remained on.”

“Tina got her way,” said the source, “and showed Joe and everyone else who’s the boss when it comes to Jess.”