JESSICA SIMPSON lashes out at her business manager, estranged gay dad JOE.

The father-daughter who have been all but estranged since The ENQUIRER first revealed Joe’s flings with a male model met  at Los Angeles restaurant Café Med last week.  The pregnant singer-turned-fashion-designer’s manager father lured her to the table with the promise of various job offers.

But Jess, 32, told Joe where to go and also blasted him over her belief that he has been taking advantage of her younger sister Ashlee, reported.

“Joe has been begging Jessica to meet up with him to talk ever since the gay scandal broke,” a source close to the Simpson family said.

“So, she finally relented and agreed to meet him at Café Med in LA – Joe told her that there were a lot of TV offers on the table that they needed to go through. 

But no sooner than Jessica sat down at the table, she told Joe that she didn’t want to do anything TV-related and wanted to concentrate on her fashion line instead.

 “Her mom Tina manages the fashion side of things and Jessica said she feels more comfortable working with her rather than Joe.

“As far as Jessica's concerned, she is done with her father and doesn’t want to see him again,” the source divulged.

Jessica and Joe's fractured relationship makes scheduling requirements for filming NBC’s Fashion Star more difficult for producers because she didn’t want him on set.

But, because Joe is still under contract to be Jessica’s manager they had to find a way to may it work.

“Joe has been respectfully turning up at NBC at times he knows Jessica won't be there,” a source close to the Simpson family previously told Radar.

“It’s the only way that it could have worked, because Jessica is struggling to work with him around her. Jessica comes in, fulfills her work requirements and leaves, and then Joe comes in later to check in with producers and conduct any meetings that are needed.