Mommy hood has ruined Jes­sica Simpson’s body and, sources say, her fiancé ERIC finds her a real TURNOFF!!

The 31-year-old singer-turned-fashion maven is still eating for two and struggling to lose her baby weight a month after giving birth to daughter Maxwell Drew, insiders say.

Once pinup-perfect as sexpot Daisy Duke in the 2005 film “The Dukes of Hazzard,” Jes­sica now has saggy breasts, a bloated belly, ugly stretch marks and flabby double chin, according to sources.

Fiance Eric Johnson is said to be less than thrilled by Jessica’s constant complaining about her post-pregnancy body, and experts believe recent photos have been extensively retouched to lop off Jess’ fat!

“Jessica was once famous for hav­ing a body to die for, but now she’s a mess. Her body has gone to hell,” a source told The ENQUIRER.

“Her stomach is bloated and laced with stretch marks, and flaps of skin hang over her jeans in a post-pregnancy muffin top. It’s got Jessica down in the dumps and wor­ried that Eric is turned off by her body.”

Jessica and the former NFL stud have been engaged since November 2010, but they’ve yet to set a wedding date.

They’re both thrilled with baby Maxwell, who weighed 9 pounds, 13 ounces at birth on May 1. But the “Fashion Star” mentor can’t stop eating, said the source.

And even though she’s signed a deal with Weight Watchers, reportedly for $4 million, Eric remains skeptical that Jessica – who gained an estimated 60 pounds during her preg­nancy – can slim down, added the source.

“When she got preg­nant, Jessica went on a nine-month food bender,” revealed the source.

“She was packing away up to 3,000 calories a day and she still feels like a horse because she’s breast feeding.

“Eric loves Jessica no matter what and he’s sick and tired of hearing her whine about her new body.

“But he’s turned off by her lack of self-confidence.”