A boozy, stressed-out JESSICA SIMPSON is losing it! 

The 34-year-old mother of two has turned to alcohol and food while battling career woes, body issues and family problems, sources confided to The National ENQUIRER.

“Jess is cracking under enormous personal and professional pressure,” one insider dished. “She’s had some worrying episodes, and we’re genuinely concerned that she’s on the brink of collapse!”

The singer shocked pals with a rambling and slurred interview at a Teen Vogue event on March 14 in New York City.

The cameras caught Jess as she babbled that her daughter Maxwell, 2, thinks her father is “her boyfriend,” adding, “If I’m not wearing a good outfit, I can’t sing a good song.”

She’s also posted raunchy “Fifty Shades of Grey”-inspired pictures on social media of herself with husband Eric Johnson!

“Jess is crying out for attention,” said the source. “She worries her acting and singing careers are washed up, and with her sister, Ashlee, pregnant, Jess hates not being the center of attention.”

“The Dukes of Hazard” actress has also been playing referee for her feuding parents ever since Papa Joe was embroiled in a gay scandal, which was revealed in The ENQUIRER.

Long-haired male escort Joey Anderson said he had a steamy three-hour sex tryst with the then 54-year-old in a $1,000-a-night suite at the Mandarin oriental hotel.

“She and her father barely talk, and Jess’ hectic work schedule has her logging 12-to 16-hour days,” said an insider, who revealed the former reality TV star is also warring with her hubby over having another baby!

“Eric wants another child, but Jess doesn’t want to get pregnant again – and juggling two kids while barely eating and guzzling booze to cope is a recipe for disaster!”