In a major case of ass-et envy, JESSICA SIMPOSN plans to plump up her posterior with surgery – in a bid to look like booty-full Kim 

The National ENQUIRER has learned that the newlywed mother of two, 34, has become obsessed with reality TV queen Kim’s most bankable asset.

And after dropping 50 pounds of baby fat, Jessica will go to extreme measures to get a similarly rounded rump, sources say.

“Jessica has always felt competitive with Kim, but since she got her figure back it’s gone up another level,” said one insider.

“She’s been poring over photos of Kim’s butt for weeks, 
studying it from as many angles as she can.

“But Jess realizes there’s no way she could get a sexy booty like Kim’s with just exercise.

“So she’s been looking into fillers and various butt lift options to see which procedure will give her the same shape.”

As The ENQUIRER has reported, 33-year-old Kim turned to Jessica for weight loss advice after giving birth to daughter, North West, in June 2013.

While the two women make nice to each other’s faces, sources say there’s long been a simmering rivalry between them.

“It’s an open secret that Jessica and Kim have been trying to outshine each otherin the fashion and beauty stakes for years,” said a second source.

While Kim has publicly denied having enhancements or fillers, the Internet is flooded with speculation that her dramatic derrière is due to cosmetic procedures.

Meanwhile, Jessica is going ahead with her plans to move back into the spotlight as Hollywood’s top hottie.

“She’s checking out all other options first before going under the knife,” said the first source.
“But Jessica wants people to be talking about her booty before the end of the year.”