JESSICA BIEL locks horns with fiancé JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE’s meddling mom over the couple’s wed­ding plans – and neither woman is willing to back down.

Jessica, 30, has her heart set on a low-key, private affair in the moun­tains of Colorado where she grew up, while Justin’s mother Lynn Har­less wants the pair to splurge on a star-studded extravaganza at the Ba­cara Resort & Spa in Santa Barbara, Calif. Lynn even reportedly wants the two to sell the rights to their wedding for a flashy magazine spread!

“Everyone thought Jessica might become a bridezilla, but instead it’s Lynn who’s turning out to be the villain,” a source told The ENQUIRER. “Lynn has become incredibly hands-on and pushy as planning for the wedding gets under way.

“Because Justin is her only child, she has dreamed of a huge, glitzy affair for him ever since he was born.

“Lynn also wants everyone to know about the occasion and thinks they should sell the wedding rights in a magazine deal so Justin can share his special day with all of his fans.”

Jessica, on the other hand, wants the event to be a smaller affair and closed-off to the public.

According to the source, Jessica feels she and Justin, 31, already live in the spotlight, and she wants their wedding day to be intimate and out of the public eye.

The wedding will reportedly take place over the summer, but the women appear to have reached a stalemate

“The bottom line is that it’s not about Lynn and what she wants for Justin,” noted the source. “It’s Jessica’s special day, too.”