Mike Walker

Jenny McCarthy: Text-Crazed Blonde Is An Accident Ready To Happen

Obscenity-fueled rant over her dangerous driving habits!

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Mike Walker Reports… Foul ‘n’ filthy loudmouth Jenny McCarthy erupted in a road-rageous rant at a driver who pulled up beside her car and screamed through the open window: “Are you texting and driving again??”

The guy was referring to Jenny’s shocking public confession two years ago that her then-12- year-old son Evan busted Mommy to the cops!

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The star/skank admitted on her SiriusXM radio show: “He called the police and said: ‘My mom is texting and driving right now!’”

But now it was a crime-time encore as a man driving L.A.’s Laurel Canyon pulled up to her and yelled, “Stop breaking the law!”

Furious Jenny flashed a finger and spewed, “Mind your own f***kng business, you f**king a**hole!”

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Said My SpyWitness: “Then the guy caught her at the next light, howling, ‘You’re still doing it!’

“Jenny just vomited more filth — then bolted like a bat out of hell!”