Mike Walker

Jennifer Lawrence Hiking Disaster — As She Holds Up An Old Lady!

Starlet gets set straight on outdoor manners!

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Mike Walker Reports… It ain’t just Jennifer Lawrence’s T&A — or ass-kickin’ humor — that warms my cockles (can I say that?) … the gal’s got a toasty inner warmth this tale illustrates perfectly!

Hiking L.A.’s Runyon Canyon with galpals while loudly giggling, JLaw suddenly heard yelling behind her!

“Hey, do you mind piping down so the rest of us can enjoy nature?”

WAAAT! Ready to kick butt, Jen whirled — and faced an approaching lady hiker of 80 — at least!

Said My JLaw Spy: “Jennifer respects her elders, and started apologizing, but the ol’ dame said, ‘Why don’cha just stand here a few minutes, let me get up ahead of you — then yap all day for all I care!”

Jennifer did as Cranky Crone commanded, then giggled, “That’s SO ME in 50 years!”