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Superhero Love Triangle: Colin Farrell Still Hot For Jennifer Garner!

He might make a move now that Ben Affleck is out of the picture.

Jennifer Garner Single — Colin Farrell Wants To Make A Move On Her

Jennifer Garner banished Batman Ben Affleck from her bedroom … and the former “Elektra” star is suddenly squarely in the crosshairs of notorious horndog Colin “Bullseye” Farrell!

The three superstars co-starred in the 2003 Marvel movie “Daredevil” and while filming, Colin, who played the villain, targeted Jen for romance.

“He said he felt sexual tension between them,” dished a super snitch. “He wanted to make a move on her then, but set his sights elsewhere because she and Ben were already dating.”

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More than a decade later, he’s zooming back to the soon-to-be divorcée!

“Colin thinks they’re soul mates,” dished an insider. “He loves that she’s part Irish and that they’re both tough on the outside and sensitive on the inside.”

For his part, Ben thinks his old buddy’s batty for carrying the torch so long.

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“To be honest, (Ben) thinks it’s pretty pathetic,” said an insider.

But Jen loves the attention.

“She always felt flattered by it,” said the snitch. “Now she’s ready to embrace it!”

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