Jennifer Aniston’s Scientology Terror

With her fiancé JUSTIN THEROUX'S cousin working on an anti-Scientology film, JENNIFER ANISTON is terrified the controversial church will target her!

“Jen knows Scientology can play dirty, which is why she’s always steered clear of them,” said a source.

Scientology has already put a bull’s-eye on British filmmaker Louis Theroux for his anti-Scientology project, sources said.

Now the former “Friends” star feels she and Justin may be collateral damage in the church’s terrifying fear tactics.

“Jen worries Scientology will try to embarrass her by revealing details about everything from her divorce with Brad Pitt to her struggles with infertility to her estrangement from her mom!” said a pal.

“She’s begging Justin to get Louis to drop his project.”

Multiple reports in The National ENQUIRER, as well as a recent HBO documentary, have exposed the controversial religion’s insidious secret tactics, including blackmail, imprisonment and harassment.

Louis is working on his own indictment of the church in a BBC documentary titled, “Stairway to Heaven: Louis Theroux & The Church of Scientology.”

Despite Jen’s fears, he has no plans to scuttle the project.

“Louis is plowing forward,” said an insider. “He’s never used his connection to Jen to try to enhance his career, so he doesn’t see why he should have to censor himself.”

While Jen has “heard through the pipeline” that she and Justin will be targeted if Louis’ film is released, her pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

In fact, they’ve caused considerable tension between her and Justin, sources said.

“Justin says he has nothing to hide, and Jen should be standing up for artistic freedom, not selfishly worrying about her good-girl image,” said an insider. “But she’s just praying they come through this nightmare unscathed!”