Mike Walker

Jennifer Aniston Caught By Justin With ‘Loverboy’ List

Brad Pitt gets special consideration, too!

Jennifer aniston old boyfriends
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MIKE WALKER REPORTS… Jennifer Aniston is dead serious about her “no secrets” marriage vow with hubby Justin Theroux — so when he mentioned needing a pal’s number, she tossed him her cell phone without batting an eye, saying: “Try my ‘Contacts’ list!”

So her hubby scrolled — then stopped dead when he eyeballed names like John Mayer, Vince Vaughn, Gerard Butler, Brad Pitt — ex-lovers AND an ex-husband!

Justin went bananaston, reported My Friend-ly Spy, stewing for days until he blew up and asked Wifey: “WTF! Why are your exes still in your contacts??”

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Giggled Jen: “So that’s why you’ve been so sulky?!”

Handing hubby her cell, she cooed, “Here, Sweetie, delete to your heart’s content — EXCEPT FOR BRAD!”

Say waaaat? JT was aghast! But as Jen explained: “Might need that one … for business!” (MONKEY business, Jen?)