KRIS JENNER seeth­ed with jealousy as hubby Bruce Jenner cozies up to his ex-wife, Linda Thompson!

A source says the hard-charging Kardashian family momager, 57, still loathes the willowy blonde for­mer beauty queen – even though Linda, who dated Elvis Presley, has been divorced from Bruce since 1985.

“Kris hates to even hear Linda’s name mentioned,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.

“It’s been 22 years years since she and Bruce were married, but Kris contin­ues to bear a grudge. Friends say that, deep down, Kris has always feared Linda would come after Bruce – or Bruce would cheat with Linda. Those fears date back to the early ’90s, when Bruce married Kris and a lot of people close to them thought she was an ugly duckling compared to Linda.”

Linda and Bruce, both 63, were only wed for four years but have two sons together, Brandon, 32, and Brody, 30.

Then, shortly after Kris and the Olympic decathlon champ got hitched, Linda married fabulously wealthy music industry producer and composer David Foster. Ever since, say sources, Kris has wanted to one-up Linda.

“Some of Kris’ pals said quite openly that Linda had gotten the better deal, and that hurt Kris,” noted the insider.

“Kris also hated the fact that Linda, as Elvis’ ex-girlfriend, was more famous than she was.”

As The ENQUIRER reported” Bruce has moved out of the family mansion and into a rental in Malibu that’s just a few miles from where now-divorced Linda lives. And now Bruce & Kris have nade their split “official”.  

“Bruce and Linda have been meeting for afternoon coffee dates and sunset walks on the beach,” revealed a source. “Kris blew up when she found out, and Bruce didn’t deny having feelings for Linda.”

The insider added: “Kris’ worst nightmare is Bruce cheating with Linda. She’s the one person who can drive Kris crazy.”