Chilling Chat!

Jenna Elfman’s Online Humiliation Over Scientology

Actress ambushed by questions about bizarre church!

jenna elfman scientology reddit chat
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Sitcom vet and devoted Scientologist Jenna Elfman’s, “Ask Me Anything” online chat turned into a total disaster — when she was flooded with snarky questions tying her to the space cult!

Jenna went on the Reddit Q&A to plug her new ABC show, “Imaginary Mary” — but she was ambushed by crafty trolls. “Do you know where Shelly Miscavige is?” posted one wise guy, referring to the missing wife of cult leader David Miscavige.

“What is your opinion of Leah Remini?” asked another about the “King of Queens” beauty who left the cult and is one of its biggest critics.

Jenna ignored those questions, and chose friendly queries — which led to another vicious inquiry.

“How many people did your cult pay to start new Reddit accounts in order to post questions on this thread that you wanted to answer?”

Answer: Silence.