The good news for fans of Friends is that five cast members are ready to do a reunion show. The bad news is that the TV special is in jeopardy because Jennifer Aniston refuses to be a part of it!

Insiders say Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox need the reunion to give their careers a jump-start — and they’re putting the pressure on Aniston to participate.

But the 36-year-old — whose star has risen far higher than the others — remains the lone holdout.

Said an insider: “Although the rest of the cast has been pleading with her, Jennifer has snubbed them so far. She’s got so much going personally and professionally that she just doesn’t have the time or inclination to think about a Friends special.

“Right now, Jennifer can’t commit to her former castmates and is leaving them out in the cold.”

Since Friends ended in 2004, Aniston’s only setback has been her divorce from Brad Pitt. Professionally, she has seven films in the pipeline — and sources say she’s reluctant to reprise her role as Rachel Green.

Said a source: “She’s worked so hard to erase Rachel from the public’s mind, and it would be counterproductive to go back.”

But the five remaining Friends haven’t had nearly as much luck as Aniston. Here’s how they’ve fared since the show ended its 10-year run:

  • LISA KUDROW (PHOEBE), 42: Her HBO show The Comeback was cancelled in its first season. She also starred in the little-seen film Happy Endings.
  • COURTENEY COX (MONICA), 41: With husband David Arquette, she launched a production company to develop TV and film projects.
  • .

  • DAVID SCHWIMMER (ROSS), 39: He voiced a character in the animated film Madagascar and will premiere Duane Hopwood in 2006.
  • MATTHEW PERRY (CHANDLER), 36: He’s set to star in a big-screen remake of the TV show ChiPs. But the actor — who has battled drug addiction — was rushed to the hospital in February, sparking fears of a relapse.
  • MATT LEBLANC (JOEY), 38: His spin-off Joey premiered in 2004 with 18 million viewers — but now averages just 7.5 million.