JUSTIN THEROUX wanted to hobnob with A-list party pals NICOLE & KEITH but JENNIFER ANISTON tried to yank him away. Is it OVER for the lovebirds before their film “Wanderlust” even opens?

The star couple’s usually lovey-dovey facade crumbled during a public spat at one of Jen’s favor­ite restaurants, and insiders say their eight-month ro­mance has hit a crisis point.

The trouble started when Justin stopped to visit with actress Nicole Kidman – Jen’s costar in rom-com “Just Go with It” – and her hubby, country superstar Keith Ur­ban, after dinner with Jen at Hollywood’s Tower Bar on Jan. 20.

“Justin wanted to hobnob, and while Jen waved at Ni­cole and Keith, she clearly wasn’t in the mood to chat,” said an eye­witness.

“As Justin exchanged pleasant­ries with them, Jen clutched his arm and tried to pull him away.

“Justin got flustered and said, ‘Stop it – just give me a minute.’ Jen huffed off toward the exit, but came back a moment later.

Justin hurriedly saidhis goodbyes to Nicole and Keith, and then Jennifer grabbed his arm again and led him out of the res­taurant. Justin could be heard saying, ‘Holy crap,’ and ‘What was that all about?’ They were hiss­ing at each other as they left.”

The tiff isn’t too sur­prising, said a source close to Jen, 42.

“Jennifer clearly is the controlling one in the relationship, and independent Justin is fighting back,” explained the source. “He’s a suc­cessful guy, but Jennifer is a wealthy superstar. And if she doesn’t feel like stopping and socializing with people, then she thinks Justin should follow along.”

“Justin has his own acting, screenwriting and directing career, and he’s sort of a man-about-town,” the insider confided. “He’s had a hard time playing Mr. Jennifer Aniston.

“But Jen stood by Justin when she found out about his womanizing and problems with drugs in the past. And if he wants to remain the other half of a Hollywood power couple, he’s going to have to learn to bend to Jennifer’s moods – both good and bad.

“Jennifer and Justin’s romance has reached a crossroads, and it remains to be seen whether they can agree on their differences and carry on or just go their separate ways.”