Jeffrey Epstein Suspicious Deaths Mount Up!

Jeffrey Epstein Associate, United States - 16 Aug 2019

Murdered billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s closest associates are being murdered one by one and the latest slaying, French model agency boss Jean-Luc Brunel, sends the chilling message to others in the sex slaver’s evil web — stay silent or die!

Epstein business partner Brunel — widely known as the pervert pedophile’s pimp — was recently found hanged in a French prison while awaiting trial on charges related to the underage sex ring they both ran.

Officially, Brunel’s death was declared a suicide — just like his boss Epstein, who was also found hanged in his New York prison cell in August 2019 while being held for trial. However, investigators insist both death scenes were staged to resemble suicides and the killings were ordered by power brokers desperate to hide their own sleazy secrets!

Says acclaimed private eye and former Chicago cop Paul Huebl, “It was more than likely Brunel was murdered along with Epstein. Both had the hammer over many powerful politicians, business leaders and multimillionaires” and were known to use their underage harem to catch and videotape A-listers in compromising positions.

Brunel, 76, and Epstein trafficked girls from Europe to the States for decades. Epstein helped fund Brunel’s U.S. agency MC2 Model Management and the fashion industry insider was undoubtedly privy to many of the perverted moneyman’s secrets and contacts — which he could have spilled at trial.

Brunel’s sudden death after more than a year behind bars came after a New York judge was asked to unseal documents about Epstein’s trafficking operation and sparked a new FBI probe. Several influential people named in the papers — now only labeled as “John Does” — have been fighting to keep their names secret.

“Some of these people would do anything not to be exposed,” says Huebl. “Epstein and company could’ve blackmailed them while they were free, but once put behind bars these predators became even more dangerous because they could strike a deal to save their own hides and expose their clients.”

Bigwigs linked to Epstein include former President Bill Clinton, tech giant Bill Gates, actor Kevin Spacey, Britain’s Prince Andrew, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, top lawyers and other business giants. All vehemently deny being involved in any of Epstein’s illegal activities or knowing about his sordid sexcapades.

Besides rubbing elbows with the rich and famous, Epstein was rumored to have spied for various intelligence agencies. He was also said to be deeply connected to a shadowy cabal of hardcore international money launderers.

Lawyer Kevin Kuvin, who has represented nine Epstein victims, says, “There have been public reports Epstein was involved in arms dealing. It was alleged he was using his private jets to move arms, and there are a heck of a lot more dangerous people in that world than celebrities or politicians.”

Insiders believe people involved in Epstein’s conspiracy have the money and muscle to reach anyone — anywhere!

While Brunel’s lawyer insists the modeling mogul was determined to take his own life, the playboy pimp wasn’t held in one of the special “anti-suicide” cells at Paris’ La Santé jail. He also had no cellmate, and his room was unaccountably not monitored by cameras — a set of suspicious circumstances that mimic the Epstein murder mystery.

Before Epstein, 66, was found dead, his cellmate was moved, two guards assigned to check on him fell asleep — and later admitted they failed to make required security rounds — and footage from a surveillance camera monitoring the kill zone mysteriously got “corrupted.”

“The perv’s death was ruled a suicide by hanging, despite renowned pathologist Michael Baden — hired by Epstein’s brother to review the official autopsy — concluding the results were more consistent with “manual strangulation.”

The body count surrounding Epstein rose again less than a year later when the billionaire’s buddy, movie producer Steve Bing, 55, died after a 27-story fall from his luxury Los Angeles high-rise. Once again, authorities cried suicide but sources tell the ENQUIRER the Hollywood hotshot had gone to the FBI after allegedly becoming involved with shady businessmen linked to Epstein — and pals believe he was murdered.

“Steve knew too much,” says a source. “Somebody helped him die, just like somebody helped Epstein die.”

Now, all eyes are on Epstein’s recently convicted accomplice and madam Ghislaine Maxwell, 60, who insiders insist knows everything. She maintained complete silence throughout her sensational trial but is now another loose end as she faces being sentenced to a maximum 40 years in prison this summer.

“Maxwell is going to be the next to commit suicide in jail,” predicts Maritza Vasquez, Brunel’s former bookkeeper. “They’re going to kill her because they have to protect the big fish.”

And Kuvin tells The ENQUIRER: “If I were Ghislaine Maxwell right now, I would be very nervous. What we don’t know about are the people in her black book who are more dangerous than the people we have heard about.”