Mike Walker

Jeff Garlin: ‘Goldbergs’ Dad Tells Naked Fans To ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm!’

Big star lays down some ground rules!

jeff garlin curb your enthusiasm goldbergs

Mike Walker reports… Here’s a no-nonsense message for men from “Curb Your Enthusiasm” funny-fella Jeff Garlin: “NO NUDES IS GOOD NEWS, JERKS!”

Disrobing in the men’s locker room at an L.A. gym, Garlin gasped when a guy describing himself as “a major fan” rushed up to gush about his fave funnyman — totally naked to the bone!

Giggled My Nude Dude SpyWitness: “Jeff immediately turned away…not laughing — but he wasn’t cussing the guy out, either!

Jerry Lewis Roasted Over Sexism By ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Star!

“Jeff told me that for some reason, stuff like this happens a lot! Guys just seem to feel ‘familiar’ with him.

“It’s not that Jeff’s chill with naked fan boys, but he figures they’re fans and deserve being treated politely.

“He told this guy, ‘Dude, you’re nude! Get dressed — then we’ll talk, okay?’”