Jay Leno & Caitlyn Jenner’s Car-azy Pals Act

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Jay Leno is realizing his dream of becoming BFFs with transgender icon Caitlyn Jenner!

The retired “Tonight Show” host had always been friendly with the former Bruce Jenner, as the two 65-year-olds bonded over their passion for quality cars, insiders revealed to All The Buzz.

“Caitlyn shares Jay’s same sassy sense of humor, and he figures she must still be crazy for cars!” said a family friend.

Jay is in constant touch ever since Caitlyn announced her transition, and has sent out invites to kick-start a renewed “Laverne & Shirley”–style friendship. Jay has also gone out of his way to be supportive toward his lady friend at his comedy shows.

“Jay has a Q&A portion during some of his smaller stand-up gigs,” reported a spy, “and people have tried to get him to comment on Caitlyn – but he stays away from making any kind of gag at her expense!”