Jared Fogle’s Kiddie-Porn Supplier Sentenced To 27 Years

The man who made kiddie-porn for perverted Subway pitchman Jared Fogle has been sentenced to prison until he’s 71 years old.

But prosecutors wanted a 35-year sentence!

A federal judge in Indianapolis sentenced Russell Taylor, 44, after he pleaded guilty in September to charges of child exploitation and child porn charges — in addition to admitting to using secret cameras to film 12 children for pornographic purposes.

Taylor even used his own family members to keep himself and his boss stocked with underage images!

Disturbingly, Taylor first met the Subway sicko in Indiana when he was working as a youth program manager for the American Heart Association — and Fogle was about to do a presentation at an elementary school.

Taylor insisted that Fogle lured him into the disgusting lifestyle .

“We would go to a bar and women would know who he was,” Taylor said.

“We would go and party with them, have sex with them.

“We were always aware of the age of consent. In Indiana, it’s 16.”


Taylor soon became the executive director of The Jared Foundation — a nonprofit that was supposedly meant to fight childhood obesity.

According to Taylor, Jared first showed an interest in underage children in 2012.

“He wanted me to drug kids to knock them out [so Jared could] touch them,” said Taylor.

But the pedophile pal still admitted in court to having created photos and videos of kiddie porn to please his boss.

As reported by The ENQUIRER, 38-year-old Fogle, a father of two, was sentenced last month to over 15 years in prison.

Taylor will have lifetime supervision after serving his sentence.