Janet Jackson Hiding Childhood Sex Scandal, Source Says

Singer dreads release of photos with 10-year-old.

Janet Jackson Wearing Black Shirt

Janet Jackson fears dozens of decades-old photographs of her in a state of undress while kissing a ten-year-old boy could surface — and plunge her family into a new child sex scandal, insiders said.

Nearly 40 years ago, the “Control” singer was duped into posing for the sketchy shots by a “creepy European” photographer, who vanished days after taking the pics, dished a source — and despite the star’s efforts to find and destroy the images, they’ve never been found!

Now 53, Janet — whose brother Michael Jackson was accused of grooming and molesting multiple young boys before he died in 2009 — had been brought by her mother, Katherine, to try out for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet when the photos were snapped.

Rodney Allen Rippy, now 50, auditioned for the male lead in the play with Janet and said the whole episode was sinister — especially when the photographer dismissed their parents.

Rodney Allen Rippy holding album of his from 1973

Actor Rodney Allen Rippy, pictured here in 2001, displays his 1974 single cover, “Take Life a Little Easier.” Photo: Getty Images

Speaking exclusively to The National ENQUIRER, Rippy said: “Our agent introduced us to this European guy who was well-dressed and clean-shaven. He asked us to say a few lines and then told us to kiss one another and to hug.

“It was embarrassing, and each time we kissed he would take a photograph and seemed to get excited. “He asked me to take my shirt off and then went to take down the spaghetti straps of Janet’s summer dress.

Janet Jackson Wearing Red and White Sweater In 1978

Janet Jackson pictured here in 1978, roughly the same age as when the incident took place. Photo: Getty Images

“She was not happy or comfortable with this, but he told her it was OK and took a ton of close-up pictures before telling us to kiss again … [and then] taking us back out to our moms.”

Days later, Rippy’s agent called his mother, telling her the audition had been a ruse and there was no production after all.

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The mysterious shutterbug has never been identified, and security experts warn even though the images haven’t publicly surfaced, they could have changed hands many times and been duplicated and distributed among sickos on the black market!

The singer did not respond to a request for comment.