Lee Daniels' The Butler

JANE FONDA is "Hanoi-ed" at filmmakers for the way they treated her role as NANCY REAGAN in "Lee Daniels' The Butler." She's convinced most of her best scenes ended up on the cutting room floor!

The still-stunning 75-year-old is making headlines for playing the former first lady in the film, but Fonda is telling friends she's angry that her role was chopped so drastically, says a source.

"Jane's screen time is probably less than five minutes," a source close to the two-time Oscar winner told The ENQUIRER.

"She knew it was a small role going in, but she was really disappointed when she learned that her favorite scene, with actor ALAN RICKMAN playing her husband RONALD REAGAN, was cut out.

"There are so many amazing performances in the film that Jane would look foolish to complain. But – trust me – privately she's livid that half of her performance will never be seen."

The "Coming Home" actress is famously known as "Hanoi Jane" for her opposition to the Vietnam War. And while some critics thought Fonda was an unlikely choice to play the staunchly Republican wife of the 40th president, she delighted in the challenge.

"I wish it was more than a cameo," the "Nine to Five" star wrote on her personal blog last year.

The source added: "Like any actress, Jane hates when she films a great scene and it never sees the light of day.

"Jane's hoping that when the DVD is released, director LEE DANIELS will add her deleted scenes to the director's cut. Then she'll be happy."