Nicotine Shaming!

James Corden Blasted By Anna Wintour For Smoking

Fashion diva throws icy-cold water over host's habit!

james corden smoking anna wintour

James Corden and Anna Wintour  fellow Brits who were enjoying a fancy L.A. meal together — suddenly experienced an icy chill when the TV chatterbox asked fashion icon to excuse him while he stepped outside for a smoke!

What the “Late Late Show” host got instead was a fuming haute couture-styled tongue-lashing from the veteran Vogue bigwig.

“Anna refused to excuse James from the table,” spilled a startled spywitness.

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“She just arched a perfect eyebrow, and then launched into a harsh lecture about how he should quit the nasty, unhealthy habit … before it’s too late!

“James — who typically doesn’t take any crap from anyone — just sat there like a naughty English schoolboy about to get a paddling by a strict schoolmaster!

“He couldn’t wait for the dire dinner to end so he could get out of the chilly situation … and puff away at will on his way back home!”