REVEALED! LICENSE to drink REVOKED as “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” GEORGE LAZENBY finally OK’d to get shaken AND stirred after contentious divorce.

It was one of the most bitter divorce battles to hit Hollywood but now peace has been declared between one time Bond George Lazenby and his five-time Wimbledon doubles champion ex-wife, Pam Shriver, RadarOnline reported.

The pair went to a Los Angeles court in January, to have a judge overturn a booze ban that Shriver, 50, had insisted a judge impose on 73-year-old Lazenby whom she previously claimed was an alcoholic.

And Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert Willett agreed to sign off on 007′s license to drink!

”Respondent is restrained and enjoined from consuming alcohol 12 hours prior to his custodial time with the minor children and during his custodial time with the children… is hereby vacated,” a stipulation and order document, signed off by the pair stated.

During the couple’s nasty court battle, Shriver exposed Lazenby’s battle with the bottle for all the world to see. In the divorce filing, she claimed Lazenby had fallen off the wagon and threatened and intimidated the couple’s three children, George and twins Kate and Sam.

Shriver told the judge, “On April 3, 2010, he sent me a strange middle of the night unsecured email. The next day at the custody exchange, I smelled alcohol on his breath.”

In another court filing, Shriver submitted print-outs of emails that were exchanged between the one-time couple.

In one, Lazenby told her: “If I have to choose between booze or the kids, no contest. Bring them home please.” In a later message, he asked: “Can I see the kids today, it is so important to me, I am dying.”

Lazenby added, “Of course I need professional help.”

Which, his PR flack said, he got.