Opening statements in MICHAEL JACKSON wrongful death suit EXPLODE as JACKSON family lawyer admits he was addicted to painkillers.

Brian Panish, the lawyer for Katherine Jackson, the late King of Pop’s mom, also slammed concert  promoter AEG for failing to investigate investigate Dr Conrad Murray, the doctor convicted of involuntary manslaughter in to the singer’s death.

Panish made his stunning declarations in opening statements to the jury in the case against AEG.

Panish charged that AEG seemed to be the only ones claiming to be unaware of Michael’s addiction, and that they are ultimately responsible for the tragedy as the superstar prepared for This Is It, a series of comeback concerts, RadarOnline reported.

 “His (Michael Jackson’s) stirring voice, his musical genius, his creativity and his generosity and his huge heart was extinguished forever…You’re going to hear the whole story about what happened in the death of Michael Jackson,” Panish told the jury of six men and women,  AP reported.

AEG maintains they were unaware that  Murray was giving Jackson the dangerous narcotic Propofol to help him sleep, and that the former physician is responsible for the death.

Panish revealed to the jury of six men and six women that Jackson had an addiction to prescription drugs, including Demerol, and relied on pain killers after he suffered horrific burns on his head during the filming of a Pepsi commercial in 1984.

“Over the years Michael family’s and people who knew him believed he had a problem with prescription medication,” Panish told jurors, and that AEG and its executives claim to be the only ones who were unaware of his issues.

The lawyer told jurors they would be responsible for determining who was responsible for Jackson’s death.

“Michael paid the ultimate price. He died,” Panish said.