Incendiary interview ignites conflagration of controversy as MICHAEL JACKSON molestation accuser WADE ROBSON sticks to his guns.

Choreographer WADE ROBSON, who testified on Michael Jackson‘s behalf in the singer’s 2005 trial — and is now of saying the Thriller singer molested him for seven years — appeared on TODAY Thursday for his first in-depth interview about the shocking allegations, RadarOnline noted.

“I never forgot one moment of what Michael did to me,” Robson told Matt Lauer, “but I was psychologically unable and unwilling to understand that it was sexual abuse.”

The Australian-born dance man, who’s bringing legal action against Jackson’s estate, said King of Pop performed sexual acts on him — and forced him to reciprocate — from the ages of 7 to 14.

Robson, 30, told Lauer that Jackson gained his silence by telling him they would both be imprisoned if he let out the secret, often calling him in discussions he called “complete manipulation and brainwashing.”

Asked about those who have publicly scoffed at his claims, Robson said he understands how hard it is to comprehend.

“However, the idea that I would make all of this up and put … my entire family through this extremely stressful and painful experience, all for the sake for money … is incomprehensible to me,” said Robson.

 “I lived in silence and denial for 22 years.”