Jackie Kennedy Suicide Bombshell

Jackie Kennedy Onassis was ravaged by agonizing incurable cancer and masterminded her own death — with help from son John Jr.!

And there was no autopsy to uncover the truth!

But, in a bombshell revelation, a family insider has claimed that the widow of both assassinated President John F. Kennedy and shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis ended her life by an “assisted suicide.”

“She chose to die on her own terms!” said the insider.

The 64-year-old former first lady “knew her secret would be safe” because she’d previously been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and “there would be no autopsy to reveal what really caused her death,” said the source.

“She made it clear when she was diagnosed in early 1994 that she did not want to suffer through grueling treatments that would only delay the inevitable.

“She didn’t want to put her family through the agony of watching her slowly die. She wanted to die with dignity — and she turned to John to help!”

Her legal eagle son advised her to sign a living will so she could stop treatments when she was ready.

“And he was there to assist when the time came,” claimed the source.

Jackie battled cancer for four months. But on May 18, 1994, while receiving hospital treatment for pneumonia in New York, she learned the cancer had spread to her brain, spinal cord and liver.

“That was it for Jackie,” said the insider.

“She discharged herself and went home to her Fifth Avenue apartment.

“The next day she said goodbye and went to sleep for the last time.

“We wondered, ‘Did she assist herself in death?’ It happened so fast!”

John, who died in a plane crash five years later, never confessed his role, said the insider.

But he issued a statement that hinted Jackie orchestrated her own passing.

“My mother died surrounded by the people and things that she loved,” said John.

“She did it her own way, on her own terms.”