TERRIFIED of dying alone, Hollywood  playboy  JACK NICHOLSON is desperately trying to win back ex-love Anjelica Huston, a source says.

But after ending their 17-year romance in 1989 over Jack’s chronic skirt-chasing, the Oscar-winning actress is happy to remain just friends, the source adds.

“Jack is lonely, bored with filmmaking and convinced he’s living on borrowed time – and he wants Anjelica at his side when he leaves this earth,” a longtime friend told The ENQUIRER.

 “They had dinner recently and he poured out his heart, begging Anjelica for one more chance to make things right between them.

“He’s consumed with reuniting with and even marrying Anjelica. They talk daily, and Jack sends her flowers and trinkets. He’s even written her love poems. Jack’s like a schoolboy, and Anjelica finds the turn of events to be incredibly amusing.”

Triple Oscar winner Jack, 76, and Anjelica, 62, were once one of Hollywood’s most glamorous couples. She won an Oscar while co-starring with Jack in the 1985 mob comedy “Prizzi’s Honor,” di­rected by her Oscar-winning dad John Huston.

Anjelica dumped Jack after learning actress Rebecca Broussard was pregnant with his love child, and she married famed sculptor Robert Graham in 1992.

The couple had no children, and Anjelica was dev­astated when Graham passed away in 2008.

But over the years, Anjelica stayed in touch with Jack, who insists he’s quit skirt-chasing and has dialed down his career.

“Jack claims he still reads scripts and there was some talk that Tom Cruise wanted to co-star again in a movie with him,” said the source.

“But Jack seems to have given up acting, and he wants to enjoy his golden years with the woman he called ‘Angel’ at his side.”

Anjelica, who played Morticia in “The Addams Family” films, men­tions Jack in her just-published memoir “A Story Lately Told: Com­ing of Age in Ireland, London and New York,” saying: “I wouldn’t be happy not having him in my life.”

But rekindling their romance appears to be another story.

“Anjelica and Jack will always be close,” said the source. “But she’s not ready for anything other than friendship.”