IT’S OFFICIAL! Anne Heche has formally abandoned her gay lifestyle in a big way — memorializing her transition by sending out invitations to her September 1 wedding to Coleman Laffoon.

The groom is a hunky cameraman who worked for Anne’s longtime lesbian lover Ellen DeGeneres — but Anne has edited Ellen and her former life out of the picture.

“Mention the name ‘Ellen’ to Anne and she’s like, ‘Ellen who?'” revealed a close source.

“Anne’s days as a lesbian have been purged from her memory banks. She’s spent most of August running around with copies of bridal magazines, seating plans and photos of wedding cakes — acting every bit the part of the blushing bride and girl next-door.”

Before coming out of the closet, Anne dated two of her former “Another World” co-stars — Richard Burgi and David Forsyth.

The ENQUIRER has obtained an invitation sent out by Heche, once half of Hollywood’s most famous lesbian couple. “But now she says she’s positive that Coley (Coleman) will give her what she’s always wanted — a husband and family,” divulged the close source.”When the topic of Ellen comes up, Anne comes down with instant amnesia.”

Divulged another source: “For her wedding, Anne didn’t invite many family members and she’s cut off practically all her old friends since her days as Ellen’s partner.

“Anne’s wedding is a celebration of her reentry into the world of heterosexuality.”