Winona Ryder is getting weirder by the day, becoming a virtual recluse and taking potshots at her former friends.

Insiders say she’s dyed her hair bright white and become obsessed with online shopping, filling her clos­ets with unworn clothes that still have their tags. And just about the only time she leaves her home is when her clean­ing staff arrives, because she can’t stand talking to them.

Winona has also been trash-talk­ing her ex-BFF Gwyneth Paltrow and former flame Johnny Depp, a source tells The ENQUIRER.

“She’s alienating so many people it’s no wonder she’s turning into a hermit,” said a longtime friend of the 41-year-old actress.

Winona has a “major grudge” against Gwyneth because she believes the blonde-haired beau­ty made unflattering comments about her in an online lifestyle blog four years ago. And Wino­na also never got over Gwyneth beating her out for a plum role in the 1998 hit movie “Shake­speare in Love” – and winning an Oscar for it!

“Those comments were a huge embarrassment for her,” the pal said.

The friend says Winona has also been blasting Depp, 50, for hooking up with 27- year Amber Heard not long after split­ting with his long­time love, Vanessa Paradis, 40, last year.

“Johnny couldn’t care less care less,” said the friend, “but she’s re­ally ragging on him for being so predict­able and going for a blonde in her twen­ties.”

As The ENQUIRER reported in April, Winona had a fleet­ing hope she and “The Lone Ranger” star would reunite.

“It’s really sad she’s become so vindic­tive,” the friend con­tinued. “She rarely leaves the house be­cause she hates being around people so much. And she makes sure her housekeepers don’t speak English because that way they are less likely to know who she is.

“When she was younger, her eccentricities were perceived as cute and quirky,  but now she’s just bizarre.”