Is It True What They’re Saying About Ronan Farrow?


RONAN FARROW boasts champion showbiz bloodlines, but his new TV show is bombing and an insider says producers are pleading with him to spice it up with some inside dope about his personal life.

And one aspect Ronan could address is the widely reported rumor that he likes to date BOTH women and men!

Mia Farrow’s super-brainy, 26-year-old son recently made headlines when Mia hinted that her ex-husband Frank Sinatra, not longtime companion Woody Allen, might be Ronan’s real dad. Following the publicity, Ronan launched his own magazine-style news show on MSNBC. But when “Ronan Farrow Daily” debuted on Feb. 24, it attracted a paltry 216,000 viewers, and unimpressed critics said he needed to inject more personality into his show.

“Ronan needs to make a splash if he’s going to compete in the talk-show game with big personalities like Bill O’Reilly and Anderson Cooper,” an insider told The ENQUIRER. “But his producers still believe they’re sitting on a goldmine. After all, he’s the son of very famous people and could be Frank Sinatra’s son. He’s also friends with scores of celebrities and needs to talk about himself and his colorful life.”

The show’s producers reportedly agree that Ronan – a child prodigy who entered college at age 11 and graduated from Yale Law School at 21 – comes off as too wonky. They believe he needs to make better use of his showbiz legacy and personal life to captivate viewers.

The “New York Post’s”  Richard Johnson wrote that although Ronan hasn’t addressed his sexual orientation, he dates both sexes and has been linked to Hugh Grant’s ex-galpal, heiress Jemima Khan. Johnson also described Ronan as “close” to openly gay former White House speechwriter Jon Lovett.

“Ronan is very smart on issues, but that doesn’t seem to be enough to make his show a hit,” said the insider. “He needs to shake things up.”