it-true what theyre saying about carrie underwood
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COUNTRY superstar CARRIE UNDERWOOD has been crushed by a string of personal and professional setbacks, and friends fear she’s headed for a breakdown.

Sources say the workaholic 30-year-old singer has been battling with her pro hockey hubby Mike Fisher because she’s been putting her career over starting a family. And she was humiliated after being blasted for her tribute performance of the Beatles’ classic “Yesterday” at the recent Emmy Awards.

“Carrie’s a perfectionist, and when things don’t go right, she goes into meltdown mode,” said a source. “Right now, she’s at the end of her rope.”

AFTER winning the fourth season of “American Idol” in 2005, Carrie’s career soared. The talented Oklahoma native has scored 16 number one hits and has sold more than 15 million albums worldwide. But recently she’s hit a plateau, and her off-key rendition of “Yesterday” on the highly rated Emmys show in September drew harsh criticism on Twitter.

One outraged viewer wrote: “Some people never forget were when JFK got shot, but I will never forget where I was when Carrie Underwood murdered The Beatles.”

Another added: “I absolutely love Carrie Underwood but that was just bad.”

While Carrie put on a brave public face after the show, the source said she cried over the nasty comments and even turned on her husband. “Carrie took out her venom on her husband Mike, accusing him of not supporting her career and causing her to get ner­vous and trip up,” said the source. “She’s freaking out because she worries that with Mike giving her ultimatums about having a baby, their marriage could crumble.”

Carrie is also said to be on edge about playing Julie Andrews’ iconic role in the Dec. 5 live telecast of “The Sound of Music.”

And just days before the Emmy debacle, a popular blogger referred to her photo on a poster promoting the show as “creepy” with “freaky deeky eyes.”

The source said: “Carrie is at her wits’ end. Her friends think she needs to take a time-out and reas­sess her priorities. If not, she could be in danger of breaking down.”