JENNIFER LOPEZ became livid after Casper Smart became em­broiled in shocking scandals involving two transgender models – and now pals of the Latina bombshell are urging her to jettison her toyboy lover, say sources. 

It all began on May 27 when sexually charged Inter­net messages al­legedly between Casper, 27, and transgender bi­kini model So­fia Vissa came to light. Vissa claims she and Jennifer’s back­up-dancer beau exchanged na­ked photos, then met up in person.

“Jennifer almost col­lapsed when she heard the claims,” said a source. “She screamed at Casper, ‘Did you do this?!’

“She’s humiliated and mortified. She wants to believe Casper, who pub­licly denied Sofia’s allega­tions, but she worries that where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

Indeed, just days later, another racy Internet chat, allegedly between Casper and transgendered Xris­tina Marie, leaked on­line. And a source told The website that Casper allegedly met with Xristina in Miami.

“Jennifer is not only person­ally upset with Casper, she also worries that Casper’s antics could tarnish her image,” the source ex­plained.

At first J.Lo, 44, put on a brave face in pub­lic. On May 29, she and Casper, who have been dating for more than two years, flew from Los Ange­les to Boston with her mom and 6-year-old twins. But a few days later, the “Ameri­can Idol” judge reportedly flew to New York without Casper.

And appeared at her Bronx concert solo, shaking her tail feathers for all to see.

Said a pal: “The relation­ship is all but over.”

UPDATE: It's over.