ISIS Terrorists’ Hollywood Hit List

Hit list kim kardashian getty square

In a chilling new terror twist, ISIS fanatics are targeting Hollywood celebrities!

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Kim Kardashian are prime targets of the brutal barbarians, experts told The National ENQUIRER.

California-based security specialist Paul Huebl told The ENQUIRER: “To kidnap someone with worldwide celebrity stature would be a major coup for ISIS!”

Actress Angelina earned the terror group’s ire after blasting them recently in a speech before the United Nations Security Council, while Brad hopes to portray journalist James Foley, who was decapitated by ISIS, on the big screen.

“Gravity” hunk George is at risk because he spends so much time in Europe, while sources said ISIS despises reality TV sexpot Kim.

Private investigator Bo Dietl, of New York City–based Bo Dietl & Associates, told The ENQUIRER: “To snatch a big-name star would generate enormous publicity for ISIS, and a studio would likely pay any ransom demand to get the talent back in safe hands.”