AS super-wealthy Bobby Ewing of “Dallas” fame, you’d figure Pat­rick Duffy would feel right at home wearing pricey, hand-tooled cowboy boots.

But the handsome 65-year-old actor was spotted sporting leath­er clogs while strolling in Los Angeles on April 9, and The ENQUIRER has learned that his surprising choice of footwear is due to a longtime foot problem.

It ALL stems from Duffy’s first major TV role in 1976.

In the “Man from Atlantis,” he starred as half-man/ half – fish Mark Har­ris and spent so much time running around barefoot with artificially webbed toes that he developed an agonizing medical condition called Mor­ton’s neuroma. The ailment affects a nerve leading to the toes, causing a sharp burning pain in the ball of the foot. In 1989, he had surgery to remove the affected nerve, but his dogs still bother him.

“I have terrible feet,” Duffy revealed. “I really beat them up dur­ing ‘Man from Atlantis,’ because I was barefoot all the time – run­ning through fields, running on cement, jumping out of the water, slapping them around for years. So the nerves on the bot­tom kind of went all to hell. Since then, I’ve chosen to wear clogs.”

Duffy, who starred in the top-rated “Dal­las” nighttime soap from 1978 to 1991, is still going strong as Bobby Ewing in the current TNT sequel. And he’s got some stel­lar company when it comes to Mor­ton’s neuroma sufferers, who include Aero­smith’s Steven Tyler, former top female ten­nis star Lindsay Davenport and Tampa Bay Rays third base­man Evan Longoria.

Despite his agony of “de-feet,” Duffy is a longtime practic­ing Buddhist and has clearly found peace of mind. He celebrated his 40th wedding an­niversary earlier this year with wife Carlyn, a former ballerina. And he has put togeth­er the pieces of his life following the 1986 murder of his parents, Marie and Terence Duffy, during a rob­bery of their Boulder, Mont., tavern.