SNOOTY Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow has gone into full spin-control mode in an effort to downplay her $120 million divorce from Coldplay singer Chris Martin following cheating allegations that have haunted their 10-year marriage.

First, the blonde beauty pretentiously called the split a “conscious uncoupling” as opposed to a “divorce,” and then showed unity with her estranged hubby by appearing together on a post-split vacation to the Bahamas in late March. But reports speculated that Paltrow’s heavily controlled image will take a major hit as details emerge of the cheating allegations and the couple work out a divorce pact to deal with custody of their kids, daughter Apple, 9, and son, Moses, 7. They also have five homes, including a $14 million house they recently bought in Malibu.

To top off a bad week, the snobbish actress infuriated working women by claiming that her job as a movie star made life as a mother harder than it is for women with 9-to-5 jobs.

HERE ARE SOME OTHER THINGS you may not know about Paltrow:

1. Former BFF Winona Ryder has been her sworn enemy since Paltrow, 41, reportedly spotted a script for “Shakespeare in Love” at Ryder’s pad and convinced producers to hire her for the lead. She won an Oscar for it.

2. She’s repeatedly been accused of cheating – on fiance Brad Pitt with her “Sliding Doors” co-star John Hannah, on Ben Affleck with actor Viggo Mortensen and on her hubby with “Glee” co-star Matthew Morrison, and Miami real estate mogul Jeff Soffer, before Soffer married supermodel Elle Macpherson. Paltrow claimed she and Soffer were only friends, and she has consistently denied rumors that she has been unfaithful.

3. Called a racist for tweeting the N word from a Kanye West and Jay Z concert, Paltrow later tweeted: “Hold up. It’s the title of the song!”

4. Several guests at a May 2013 gala reportedly claimed Paltrow had serious B.O. Insiders say she shuns aluminum-based deodorants due to their side effects.

5. She fibs about her smoking habit, claiming that she smokes once a week, and also that she lights up only at parties.

6. Her strict diet and exercise regimen has been slammed as unhealthy and unforgiving.

7. Her latest cookbook “It’s All Good” was roasted as a “Bible of laughable Hollywood neuroticism” for touting a $300-a-day meal plan.

8. A string bikini that she designed for kids was bashed for “sexualizing young, innocent children.”

9. The “New York Times” accused her of hiring a ghostwriter for her 2011 cookbook, “My Father’s Daughter,” but Paltrow insists that she “wrote every word” herself.

10. The items touted by her lifestyle brand GOOP as 2013 “spring wardrobe essentials” totaled more than $450,000!