JOHN TRAVOLTA is disgusted that fellow Scientologist TOM CRUISE “rolled over” in his divorce from KATIE HOLMES, say insiders – and he’s now jockeying to claim the top spot in the controversial church.

Although the two actors have long maintained a friendly facade because of their association with the Church of Scientology, sources say that Travolta has unleashed a vicious attack on Tom behind the scenes over the way he’s handled his recent split.

In fact, pals say John, 58, is so outraged by Tom’s “weak” behavior, he believes that he, and not the 50-year-old “Oblivion” star, should be getting top billing as the church’s most influential celebrity, say sources.

“John is at war with Tom – it’s a HUGE blowup,” an insider told The ENQUIRER. “John believes that Tom has looked very weak in his divorce from Katie.

“John insists that neither he nor his wife, Kelly Pres­ton, would ever give up on their marriage so quickly.”

AND if anyone’s marriage had been tested recently, it’s Travolta’s. In early May, two masseurs accused the actor of sexual battery in two separate lawsuits filed in federal court, sparking a very humiliating gay scandal that threatened to rip his union apart.

As The ENQUIRER reported EXCLUSIVELY, a male pilot confessed to carrying on a six-year affair with Travolta before the actor married Kelly – and Travol­ta’s former personal assistant confirmed to us that the “Pulp Fiction” star is gay.

Despite the sordid accusations, John has still managed to keep his marriage intact. But he owes no thanks to Tom, whose silence on the matter fueled John’s current outrage, says the insider.

“John was hurt that Tom didn’t stand up for him,” the insider maintained. “While others in the church got be­hind him, he was seething that Tom, who’s considered Scientology’s top celebrity, didn’t say even one nice word about him.

“So when Katie blindsided Tom with the divorce fil­ing, and he seemed to give in without any type of fight, John went on the attack.”

According to one friend, John accused Tom of mak­ing “a laughingstock” of Scientology.

“He thought Tom didn’t ‘man up,’” the friend con­tinued. “In fact, John thought something was going to explode in that marriage – and it did.”

Tom was in Iceland working on his film “Oblivion” when Katie filed for divorce in New York on June 28. They reached a settlement in less than two weeks.

The friend divulged: “John told a pal that if Tom was in front of him, he’d tell him to his face: ‘You’re weak. This never would have happened to me!’”

In sharp contrast, Kelly has stood by John’s  side despite the rumors of gay escapades that have followed him for years.

“John has always managed to rebound from his scandals by whisking Kelly off on exotic vacations,” continued the insider. “He’s repaired their marriage and done it in a very public fashion.”

And he’s done it again, taking Kelly to the Greek island of Mykonos – a popular tourist spot – where the two were spotted walking hand-in-hand and eating ice cream.

Meanwhile, John believes that Tom settled with Katie too quickly, said the source. “John now thinks that Tom should be put on the back burner in Scientology, and that he should be the one in the spotlight.”

Throughout the years, Tom has been the poster boy for the church, in part because of his close friendship with Scientol­ogy leader David Miscavige.

“They’ve treated Tom like he’s a demigod,” the insider noted. “The church has given him gifts like nickel-plated motorbikes, an aircraft hangar and a luxury bus.” In the meantime, John feels he’s been left out in the cold.

“It’s been gnawing at him all these years,” added the in­sider. “Now he feels it’s HIS turn to be on top.”