RANDY TRAVIS has undergone a second radi­cal brain surgery as doctors worked to fit his skull back together, but his singing career may be over.

Sources say the 54-year-old “Forever and Ever, Amen” singer is now recovering at his Texas home, and may never perform again.

“Randy is still paralyzed on his right side,” a family friend told The ENQUIRER. “He can’t walk and he can barely speak.

“There’s nothing more doctors can do. Randy’s chances of a full recovery don’t look good.”

Travis suffered a stroke in July while hospitalized with congestive heart failure and viral cardiomyopathy. At that time, he underwent surgery to relieve pressure on his brain. Doctors removed a section of Travis’ skull to reduce potentially deadly brain swelling, and implanted it in a pouch in his abdomen to keep it alive and sterile. In mid-October, the skull fragment was reattached to his head with titanium screws. A similar procedure was performed on famed Las Vegas illusionist Roy Horn after he was viciously attacked by a tiger onstage.

“Randy is still confined to bed or a wheel­chair,” another source told The ENQUIRER. “He has to wear a helmet to protect his skull until it heals. A nurse visits every day and he has two long-term caretakers.”

Travis’ still-married fiancee, Mary Beougher, is with him, but he won’t allow his ex-wife and ex-manager, Lib Hatcher Travis, to visit, said the source. “Randy is still in very bad shape,” his father Harold Traywick told The ENQUIRER. “It’s possible he’ll never perform again.”