Inside Twisted Mother Louise Turpin’s Explosive Jail Interview

Sicko blames her actions on the sexual abuse she suffered as a child!

Twisted Mother Louise Turpin's Explosive Jail Interview: 'I Didn't Do It!'
Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images

Mom-from-hell Louise Turpin has been accused by prosecutors of inflicting most of the harm on the kids. But when speaking with her 42-year-old sister Elizabeth Flores, she denied her alleged crimes!

According to Elizabeth, Louise swore: “I didn’t do it. I’m not guilty!” She added to The National ENQUIRER that Louise said, “I wish I could explain to you what happened … but I just can’t because I don’t want to get in trouble with my lawyer.”

So I felt like she was finally acknowledging that something had happened. She didn’t come out and say ‘look I did this,’ like David told me. But you have to read between the lines,” Elizabeth noted.

“At first she didn’t want to admit anything. The first time I came to visit my sister after she was arrested she denied everything. And I had not talked to Louise for two years before that. We hadn’t spoken since my dad’s death. That’s when I saw her March 2 of last year. It was not long after she had been arrested.”

But Louise’s tone changed just a few weeks later. “It wasn’t until the next time that I saw her when I went to court with her on March 23 that she started being more open to what had happened.”

During their jailhouse meeting, Louise bellyached to her sister about missing their youngest daughter’s third birthday and how hard it was to be apart from her family.

Elizabeth added, “There will be a lot of times that the kids will come up and she will cry. She was like ‘I can’t believe its been a year since she last saw them. I mean we try not to talk about the children when I’m up there because she’s not really supposed to be talking about him for legal reason. I don’t think she’s allowed to be asking about them, I think that’s why she doesn’t bring them up often.”

Louise even blamed her actions on sexual abuse she suffered as a child. Elizabeth explained to The ENQUIRER: “We were all sexually abused growing up. But Louise got the least of it because she got married [at 16] and moved away.”

It’s no excuse … Our sister and I faced a lot worse, and we didn’t abuse our children,” Elizabeth admitted.

Twisted David and Louise Turpin became the most hated parents in America after authorities claimed the sickos tortured and starved 12 of their 13 children, keeping them captive in chains like animals for years in a cramped, filthy home!

The couple were finally cuffed in January 2018 after a daring escape by one of their teen daughters, who managed to get to a phone and call 911.

The Turpin parents pleaded guilty on Friday, February 22 to multiple counts of abuse and torture.

They each responded “guilty” as a judge listed off their charges including adult abuse, child endangerment, false imprisonment and torture.

Since being taken from their Perris, California house of horrors, the severely malnourished children — now ranging in age from three to 30 — have been enrolled in various programs to integrate them into society.

Although she loves Louise, Elizabeth wants her to face justice and insisted: “She deserves what’s coming to her.”

The Turpins are scheduled to be sentenced on April 19.