WHEN Tom Cruise says he wants to get away from it all, he isn’t kidding!

The “Oblivion” star ditched plans to buy real estate on the Hawaiian island of La­nai because “it’s not remote enough” – and plans to buy a whole island just for himself.

A source says Tom, 51, is in the market for a small secluded isle in the exclusive Far North coastal region of New Zealand, more than 6,500 miles from Hollywood.

There, during visits with 7-year-old Suri, dad and daughter will be far removed from the prying eyes of the public.

“Tom loves the New Zealand area,” said an insider. “He loves the country in general and, back in 2003, spent a lot of time there, filming ‘The Last Samurai.’”

But as much as he likes the beauty of the region, the main selling point is its uber-private location.

“The idea is to build an impreg­nable island fortress where Tom can go with his family,” said the source. “That includes Connor, 18, and daughter Bella, 20 (his kids with Nicole Kidman), as well as Suri.”

As The ENQUIRER reported in February, Tom planned to whisk Suri off to a spectacular $25 million residence on Lanai, but he ultimately realized he wouldn’t be able to have the reclusive lifestyle he craves. New Zealand, however, seems to have it all. But one person who won’t be thrilled with Tom’s big idea is Suri’s mom, Tom’s ex-wife, Katie Holmes.

“She thought that Hawaii was far away,” said the source. “New Zealand is much, much farther!”