JENNIFER ANISTON‘s stalker pursued a look-a-like of the actress in his Pennsylvania hometown before traveling cross-country to "marry" the actress, The ENQUIRER learned in a web exclusive!

Only days after Jason Peyton was held in Los Angeles after trying to stalk the former Friends star, a blonde neighbor of the 24-year-old man in his hometown of Norristown, Pa., admitted he pursued her, too.

"I could have been his next victim," said the woman, whose name we are withholding to protect her identity.

The woman says she used to walk her dogs daily and Jason used to follow her constantly!

"I walk my dogs at least twice a day and Jason would always tag along on my walks," said the woman. "We used to share a lot of laughs together. He seemed sweet and harmless.

"But I knew something was wrong with him but wasn’t sure exactly what. My friends were worried about me.

"He then began telling me how pretty he thought I was."

The neighbor said she became fearful when he told her one day who his girlfriend REALLY was!

Said the woman: "He told me that Jennifer Aniston was his girlfriend – and that he was going to see her in California. Jason would light up when he would talk about Jen.

"He told me he watched his ‘girlfriend’ on Friends. I thought he was just fantasizing about his celebrity crush – I never thought he would actually go to see her."

After Jason was apprehended on July 15, and the news made its way back to their hometown, she became extremely frightened.

"You never know what he could have done to me when he was off his medications," said the woman. "His family knew his history but never told me – and they saw him following me around the neighborhood."

A Los Angeles court finally granted Jennifer Aniston a restraining order against Peyton after he traveled to LA from Pennsylvania in an attempt to get "up close and personal" with the star.

Aniston was granted a temporary restraining order July 20 after police first detained Peyton, but now he’ll have to stay away for the next three years.