Despite putting on a brave face in the wake of her father’s sudden death, NIC’s marriage to KEITH URBAN may be in crisis – insiders.

And in a shocking confession, Nicole Kidman reveals that she considered suicide before starting a family with country superstar Keith Urban.

“There have been times when I haven’t cared whether I was going to be here or not,” the 47-year-old “To Die For” star admitted in an interview earlier this month.

The Aussie beauty said she hit a low-point after a 2001 miscarriage and divorce from Tom Cruise and then regained her will to live months later while playing 
Virginia Woolf in a suicide scene from 2002’s “The Hours.”

“By playing her, it put me into a place of appreciating life,” she 
revealed. “I chose life.”

Although Nicole says she’s happier than ever and in a great place with Keith, insiders tell The National ENQUIRER that her 46-year-old husband’s career obsession has triggered new problems in their eight-year-marriage – leaving her feeling abandoned and distraught.

After a long tour and his regular “American Idol” gig, Keith has been AWOL for most of the summer, and Nicole is bitter about having an 
absentee husband, say sources.

“Nicole begged Keith to take 2015 off to spend more time with her and their daughters,” confides a friend. “But he thinks he has to strike while the iron is hot to compete against the young bucks in country music.” Keith reportedly has no plans of letting up next year. Along with his judging duties on Idol’s 14th season, he’s set to record a new album, and has approved plans for yet another tour in 2015. “He wants to stay on the road, even though it’s putting him in Nicole’s doghouse,” said the friend. Keith’s attempts to include Nicole in his career have also struck a sour note with her, according to insiders. “Nicole attends Keith’s concerts as much as she can, but he never seems to have time to visit her on a film set,” divulged a close source. “It sticks in her craw.” Shockingly, between Nicole’s acting schedule and Keith touring and appearing on ‘Idol,’ “they are lucky if they have 50 days together a year,” revealed the source.

“Something has to give, and friends fear it’s going to be their marriage. Nicole hates that she has to pack up the family from their home in Nashville and go to Los Angeles to see Keith during the ‘Idol’ season.

“This isn’t what she signed up for in this marriage.”